• White Spot Restaurant
    3322 32 St NE
    Calgary ABĀ  T2E 8Z5
    Phone: 403 237 5100

    While driving by the White Spot Restaurant in the northeast of Calgary, I became curious to try it out. It’s easy to find, right on the corner of Barlow Trail and 32nd Avenue, next to the Shaw building.

    I got there around 7:30 pm on a Friday, and there was a good-size dinner crowd. I waited a bit, then a girl came but didn’t know where to put me, so she asked for help. I was seated at a table that had not been cleaned. This table was off to the side, between the entrance and the bar area. I still wonder why I was put there, when there was lots of space in the dining area.

    Then the server came. She was way too antsy for my liking. She came back 3 times within 3 minutes to ask if I was ready to order. When I asked her to clean the table, she got someone else to do it.

    One thing you’ll notice about the menu at White Spot is that the dishes all look alike, and there are not that many to begin with. Ultimately I ordered a burger, of course, and one that came with “endless fries”.

    While waiting for the food I looked around. White Spot has a semi-upscale look, with lots of wood and a huge waterfall.

    Then the food arrived. After the table was cleaned, nobody had thought of giving me cutlery. So I waved to a girl (my original server was nowhere to be found), and she became flustered with the simple request for cutlery. I got a napkin and a knife (yes, no fork!), but at least I got something.

    Let’s start with the fries. They were awesome, some of the best fries I’ve eaten in a restaurant in Calgary. I ordered mayonnaise instead of gravy, and I got something that was not mayonnaise but was even better, and it went perfectly with the fries. My order of a Big Burger entitled me to endless fries. Trust me, you’ll want to get seconds at least. The burger had a good sauce and cooked tomatoes.

    Our original server dropped off the bill the first chance she got. I gave her my credit card, and she came back with the slip. While I like to take a leisurely pace when dining out, this lady obviously did not agree. She was back for the slip before I could sign it.

    Last thoughts: Although the fries were great, they won’t be enough to lure me back to White Spot. First, the menu is sparse. Second, plenty of other places offer much better service as well as value for money.

    Food ++++White Spot on Urbanspoon
    Service ++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms ++++

    Posted by James on May 23, 2009


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