• Wendy’s, Sunridge Blvd
    3232 Sunridge Blvd NE
    Calgary ABĀ  T1Y 7G6
    Phone: 403 250 8990

    Needing some quick sustenance after a long tour of Sunridge Mall, we went to Wendy’s just across the street from the mall. This Wendy’s is right on the corner and easy to spot, and it shares a huge parking lot with Rona.

    Wendy’s was busy when we got there. Many of the tables were taken, and there was a small line at the counter. I ordered the Stack Attack combo with fries and a Coke, and my friend got a Medium Chili. Thankfully, the food came quickly.

    The counter lady was friendly enough, but she tried to sell us something else and we couldn’t understand what she was saying. Later we figured out that it was a Halloween coupon book.

    Wendy’s made a nice dining area with little wooden tables and chairs. The wood made everything feel cozy and looked much better than the plastic booths characteristic of most fast-food places.

    Too bad the food was a let-down. Let’s start with the fries, or rather “pre-fries”, as I would call them. Essentially I was served half-done potato sticks. If they had stayed in the fryer a bit longer, while my burger was being made, then they might have become proper fries instead of raw, tasteless starch sticks. The Stack Attack Burger was wrapped in a Chicken Burger sleeve – a bit confusing but maybe a way to tell them apart. I was expecting a slice of cheese on my burger, like in the pictures, but instead I got some Cheese Whiz-like goo smeared over the patty. The burger tasted good after I scraped off the goo. My friend’s chili tasted watered down.

    Last thoughts: Wendy’s has a long way to go before it can compete with any of the fast-food chains. They still lack a system capable of delivering food that consistently meets predetermined standards, such that you know what to expect. It’s unlikely that I’ll go back to this Wendy’s, especially because the fries were too bad for words.

    Food ++Wendy's Restaurants Canada on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms ++++

    Posted by James on Oct 27, 2008

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