• Welch’s Chocolate Shop
    126 Banff Avenue (see map)
    Banff AB
    Phone: 403 762 3737

    The Welch’s Chocolate Shop has been a part of Banff since 1965, which means that parents can show their kids the candy they loved as kids.

    On top of the eye-widening variety of chocolates, Welch’s Chocolate Shop has a jaw-dropping selection of candies. They are crammed into the walls and the aisles – candy as far as the eye can see. You could easily spend a happy hour browsing and exclaiming over all the goodies.

    If you like PEZ, then this is the place to be. An entire wall is devoted to PEZ merchandise, and it’s neat to see the store’s private collection above the ones for sale. A fan of real Dutch licorice? Again, Welch’s has plenty to choose from. If you’re longing for any kind of candy from a place far away, chances are good that you’ll find it at Welch’s.

    The shop is small and can get crowded with kindred sweet tooths, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

    Last thoughts: Welch’s Chocolate Shop is a child’s (and grown-up’s) candy heaven. Just stepping inside and seeing all that candy will make you instantly happy. The only thing I expected to see but did not find were Kinder Surprise Eggs.

    Product Range +++++Welch’s Chocolate Shop on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance ++++
    Tidiness ++++

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    Posted by Phoebe on Mar 01, 2009

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2 Responses

  • john crone Says:

    Welchs is a big ripoff. I bought some candy there and paid 6 cents for each jellybean and 24 cents for each victory lozenge. Never again.

  • S Dessy Says:

    Never again will I go there! Not only are they 3 TIMES the price of other candy stores, the service is NON-EXISTENT! If you can manage to coax the owner to come upstairs out of her dungeon office, you will see precisely why the service is so bad. What kind of employer makes her employees pay for the candy that they spill during their shift?