• Toad ‘N’ Turtle Pubhouse & Grill
    2475 27 Ave NE
    Calgary AB T2E 8M1
    Phone: 403 717 0670
    The Toad ‘N’ Turtle on 27th Avenue is next to Barlow Trail just north of Highway 1. The ambiance is more than just your neighborhood pub – it’s elevated by tasteful decor infused with lots of wood, warm colors, and eye-catching knick-knacks. If you’re in the mood for distraction or not being able to hear your companions, this small-ish pub boasts no less than 7 TV screens and extremely loud music.

    We dropped by the Toad ‘N’ Turtle on a Saturday evening around dinner time and were surprised to find it relatively empty. It turns out we were just early, because the place was buzzing by the time we left.

    Service did not seem to be a priority at the Toad ‘N’ Turtle. It was 10 minutes before we were acknowledged by a server. Though our food didn’t take long, at the end of our meal the bill took more than twice as long to arrive.

    Our server seemed intent on ignoring us as much as she could, such that I had to walk to the bar to ask for ketchup.

    The food was okay. I ordered the bison burger, which wasn’t too bad. The bread was nice and the burger was tasty, though dry. I guess the cook at the Toad ‘N’ Turtle doesn’t share my preference for juicy burgers. My friend got the fisherman’s pie, which the menu likened to shepherd’s pie, but made with seafood instead of ground beef. In reality it was more like fisherman’s soup. Everything under the mashed potato topping was swimming in sauce. The saving grace of this meal were the sweet potato fries, which must be some of the best in Calgary.

    Toad ‘N’ Turtle Pubhouse & Grill offers WiFi Internet, but it’s free only for the first 20 minutes (and slower than normal, too). After that it’s $2.50 a day or $5.00 a week, a bit steep if you ask me. I believe pub patrons would use WiFi just to quickly check something online, like e-mail, so the WiFi access should be free like it is in most WiFi-enabled establishments nowadays.

    Last thoughts: I’m not itching to pay the Toad ‘N’ Turtle another visit. The service bordered on rude and the place was way too noisy. But maybe – just maybe – I would go back for the sweet potato fries.

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    Posted by Carl on Apr 03, 2009

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