• The Stoop
    106 Main Street
    Rouleau SK
    Phone: 306 776 2406

    If you’re a Corner Gas fan, then you of course know where Karen and Davis work. Yes, they work in the Dog River Police headquarters, and the Dog River Police headquarters in real life is The Stoop, a store / coffee shop where you can learn a lot more about the hit TV series filmed in this small town in Saskatchewan.

    We visited Dog River (Rouleau, Saskatchewan in real life) in June of 2008, while the filming of the sixth and final season of Corner Gas was still ongoing. It was no surprise that on this Saturday, there were carloads of people stopping in the small town of Rouleau to see where Brent, Lacey, Oscar, Emma and the rest of the gang of Corner Gas live.

    Of course, you can’t miss the main set consisting of The Ruby and the gas station. And when you go exploring in the town, you will find places that you’ll remember from the show, like the hotel, grain elevator, insurance office, and lots more.

    Now about The Stoop: From the outside, it’s identified as the Dog River Police Department. When you look more closely, there is a sign on the door saying that it is not a real police office.

    Inside, there is a coffee shop with little tables covered in all kinds of Corner Gas press and trivia. The walls are covered with even more Corner Gas memorabilia, as well as messages from Corner Gas fans. You’d be hard-pressed to find a blank spot to write a message of your own.

    Other than the usual coffee shop food and drinks, The Stoop had some nice ice cream that cooled me down nicely on that hot day.

    Of course, The Stoop sells a wide variety of Corner Gas merchandise. I still love and treasure the Corner Gas / The Ruby mug that I bought there.

    Last thoughts: The Stoop is a great place to see in Rouleau, where there isn’t much to see besides parts of Corner Gas. The Stoop plays it smart by having all the series merchandise on hand for the die-hard fans like me who make the trip to see Dog River. I hope the town of Rouleau will find a way to keep Dog River alive for us. We will be laughing for years to come at the jokes from Brent and company.

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    Posted by James on Nov 05, 2008


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