• The Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse
    A 5.5-km hike from Chateau Lake Louise

    If you like nature and feel like having a cup of tea somewhere other than Starbucks or Tim Horton’s, then go for the Teahouse Hike in Lake Louise. From the Chateau Lake Louise, there are two hiking options to two different teahouses. The one described here is farther out and therefore the longer hike. If you really want a challenge, you can hike to both teahouses in one day.

    Before you can get your cup of tea, though, you will have to put on your hiking boots. Yes, they are not optional, because the trail is more than just compacted earth. A long stretch of the route consists of rocks, and they are small enough to make you slide and hurt yourself.

    The hike can be done without a map. Just go along the lake on the right side (with the Chateau Lake Louise behind you) and keep following the trail for 5.5 kilometers. You will pass some beautiful scenery, including waterfalls, towering rockfaces (where you might spot some rock-climbers), and of course glaciers. Once you reach the teahouse you’ll be at an elevation of 2100 meters. Nearby is a nice little stream of freezing-cold mountain water. There are also two dry toilets so you don’t have to go in the bushes.

    The Teahouse stands off to the side from the trail and offers seating on trail level and one level up. The food and drinks are made fresh in the teahouse, and because the teahouse doesn’t have electricity they can’t be stored long. Supplies are brought in by helicopter at the beginning of the season. After this delivery, additional supplies – if they run out – have to be carried on horses or by the teahouse employees themselves.

    The teahouse welcomes you with a nice ambiance, especially after a long, exhausting hike. You’ll be glad to sit down and try some of their menu offerings. I had some great lemonade that really refreshed me and made me ready to hike a bit farther to see all the glaciers in the area.

    Last thoughts: Visiting this tea house is well worth the hike. One downside is that it can get pretty busy during peak season, which could take away from your experience. Nonetheless, it’s nowhere near as busy as the Lake Agnes Teahouse, which is a much shorter hike from Chateau Lake Louise.

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    Posted by James on Nov 03, 2008

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  • Gary Gadouas Says:

    I did this hike in the Summer of ’88. I got there fairly early and was able to get a table on the upper deck. I remember sharing the table with two gals from California. We gave each other our addreses, and being from Vermont, I mailed them both a sample of Vt. Pure maple syrup. Are you reading this? Was it you? Do you remember that experience? If so, drop me a line! ggadouas@hotmail.com

    PS….My wife and I are headed back out there next July (’10) Can’t wait to show her this beautiful place. I just hope it hasn’t changed at all.