• The Frontier Restaurant
    122 N Highway 23
    Revelstoke BC  V0E 2S0
    Phone: 250 837 5119

    The Frontier Restaurant is part of The Ol’ Frontier, which includes a motel, restaurant, gas station, and 24-hour store. It’s easy to find all of this because it’s right on the corner of Highway 1 and Highway 23.

    On entering The Frontier Restaurant you are halted in your tracks by a stoplight, which makes you wait until someone notices you and shows you to a table. When we were there, it was fairly long before someone noticed and gave us a table. The Frontier is decorated in the Old West style, with lots of wood and special booths for big groups. It was quite dark inside, even during the day. Maybe it’s the lack of big windows and the dark furnishings, but it deprived the place of a warm, homey feel.

    Our server was strange and seemed to have trouble understanding us. She was also not friendly, and we felt she would rather see us leave than eat there. But we were hungry, so we looked over the menus, which looked like old newspapers (a fun concept).

    Our server said the appetizers would be big, so we went with a burger and an appetizer. This type of order seemed extremely unusual to her. Then our drinks came with ice even though we asked for no ice.

    The food came and the portions were okay. I think a frozen patty from the grocery store would have tasted better than my burger.

    Drink refills never happened, even after we asked for them. As for the bill, we wanted to pay by credit card, which meant another wait to get the server’s attention. She certainly did not deserve her tip.

    Last thoughts: The Frontier Restaurant in Revelstoke is officially on my never-go-back list. Any place in Revelstoke would do a better job than this place. Sure, they’re open from 5 am to 10 pm and they’re next to the highway, but take a pass. There are lots of other options close to the highway in Revelstoke.

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    Posted by James on Jan 12, 2009

3 Responses

  • Jim Broughton Says:

    Unlike fine wine, the Frontier restaurant certainly does not get better with time. ImMy wife and I decided to ttake my father out for lunch for his birthday. We went to the Frontier because it had great food and service back in the 90′s when Bruce and Albert owned it. We were not greeted for some time and had to finally call for a waitress. When we were brought our food it was a mess. The bread for the sandwiches was soggy, the poutine was cold, the coleslaw was translucent from sitting under a heat lamp, and on and on. The setting was rustic all right, dad ripped his pants on a rusty nail on the chair he sat on. The waitress had to be asked for refills since she couldn’t think of it on her own. The whole experience was bad. We will not return to the place, we were very disappointed.

  • Teresa Newnes Says:

    O Contraire! My family and I have lived in a neighboring town for plenty more that 50 years. The Frontier restaurant, (although I don’t know how old it is) has been a favorite forever. We have always found the atmosphere to be very comfortable, the food just like the good old days and service has been fine. Everybody has their days…( I am also a waitress now and find that although I try very hard, I have bad days and so do some of my customers…we’re just human!) I give the Frontier Restaurant 2 thumbs up!

  • vincentwatson Says:

    The food and service here was terrible. I see the place has shut down. No loss