• Sun’s BBQ Restaurant (Sun Chiu Kee)
    6-1423 Centre St NW
    Calgary AB  T2E 2R8
    Phone: 403 230 8890

    I’d been craving Chinese food, so on driving by Sun’s BBQ Restaurant my friend and I agreed to investigate what they might have to offer.

    Sun’s BBQ is connected to the Chinese supermarket Lambda on Centre Street, just south of Highway 1 on 14th Avenue NW.

    The restaurant’s exterior gives a good first impression that goes out the window as soon as you step inside. Yes, the booths and tables are reasonably pleasant, but the dining room’s ready view into the kitchen makes the place feel messy and chaotic.

    On our visit there were several wait staffers roaming the mid-sized restaurant, but somehow it was still difficult to get any single one’s attention. Their demeanor was not friendly and their communication abilities were limited.

    The food arrived quickly, but it did not have the authentic Chinese-ness that we’d been craving. Again we had been misled by the facade of Sun Chiu Kee, which leads one to imagine a kitchen that knows how to prepare real Chinese fare. Our food tasted like the efforts of someone trying to duplicate a Chinese dish recipe for the first time.

    One thing that really bothered me were the abysmal washrooms. The restaurant shares one men’s and one women’s bathroom with Lambda Supermarket. These are often busy and very, very dirty.

    And we’re still wondering about the leftovers. We only ate a quarter of the hot-and-sour soup, so we asked for the rest to be packed up. The doggie bag came back with visibly less soup. I really hope they didn’t use some of our leftovers for someone else’s order.

    Last thoughts: I tried Sun’s BBQ Restaurant once, and you’ll never see me there again. I would bet that any other Chinese restaurant in Calgary will have better (and likely cheaper) Chinese food.

    Sun Chiu Kee on UrbanspoonFood ++
    Service ++
    Ambiance ++
    Washrooms -

    Posted by Carl on Apr 05, 2009


7 Responses

  • John Says:

    I’m not a big fan of that restaurant myself but that is what chinese food really look and taste like. Just look around the place, its packed of of real chinese people. If you want western chinese food, try one of the fast food places at the mall…

  • azn-sensation Says:


    I ordered take-out from Sun’s BBQ restaurant for dinner a month ago. When I went to pick up my order, I realized they gave me the wrong items! So I had to stand there and wait for 20 mins for them to exchange for the correct items. I paid with a credit card and I clearly remember crossing out the box where you input the tip amount because they didn’t deserve any tip after screwing up my order. The total was $38.69. In my recent credit card bill, I noticed they had charged me $43! I have the receipt and credit card statement as proof! I did a little research on the internet and they’ve also had numerous health violations! I’ve also asked around and many other people have been scammed but they just haven’t spoken up about it.

    BE CAREFUL IF YOU DECIDE TO EAT AT THIS RESTAURANT! PAY CASH, NOT DEBIT/CREDIT! If you’re a victim of this scam, please file a police report online at http://www.calgarypolice.ca so we can put a stop to this. Thanks!

  • K Says:

    I’m surprised to hear that you thought this place wasn’t Chinese. It is owned by a guy from Hong Kong and serves authentic Hong Kong style cafe food. Which is what the restaurant is. The bathroom is awful for sure but the food stands strong enough for me to put up with it. The staff operate much like they do in HK. When you’re ready, you call them over. You won’t find the small talk and pampering you’d find at your earls, moxies, etc… They are all about the business.

  • Reagan Says:

    Dear azn-sensation,
    My name is Reagan Or, i was just going thought some of the restaurant reviews here, and i came across your comment on our restaurant (SUN CHIU KEE).
    By the way i am the supervisor at Sun Chiu Kee restaurant, first, i would like to apologise for the bad experiences that you have had with us. and second as for the credit card situation, please know that we are a honest running business and i am sure that it was a mistake that we could have easily look into for you, if you still have your receipts as prove please don’t hesitate to bring it in with you at your next visit, we’ll gladly look into it and help you find out :) please know that we are a honest running business and we are not out there to scam anybody.
    ask for the wrong order and the wait, i am really sorry to hear that, so if you could please leave me your first and last name or however is conveniences for you, we will be more then happy to sent you a gift certificate for your inconveniences.

    We look forward to hear from you soon…

    Thank you and have a great day

    Reagan Or

  • A Says:

    I have been frequenting (and I mean frequent!) Calgary’s Chinese restaurant scene for more than 20 years, and have visited literally dozens of different venues in that time. The review above has prompted to write this brief response. Sun’s BBQ Restaurant serves the best – authentic – Chinese food I have had in this city. As K notes, it is Hong Kong style – so if you’re looking for westernized fare, stick to the food courts. However, if you want an absolutely delicious and real Hong Kong style meal, this is the place.

  • Red Devil Says:

    1) Pay cash
    2) There are washrooms on the second floor. Do not use the ones on the first floor.
    3) Late night service is good. Late night menu is good. I have been to Hong Kong and the food is authentic.

  • Shane Says:

    Well, I disagree with this review completely. I go to this restaurant fairly often, sometimes alone, and sometimes with a friend who is actually from Hong Kong and who introduced me to the place. The food here is awesome, but it truly is authentic and most people accustomed to westernized Chinese food are probably going to be out of their element. But if you get over that it is different there is some truly great stuff here. The BBQ is awesome in the afternoon, you cannot get it at night. The live scallops and oysters here are to die for, they are not on the menu and usually listed on the board in Chinese writing so people who cannot speak or read cantonese need to be in the know or they are out of luck. The beef tenderloin and yams is an awesome dish, they have great Gai Lan.

    I reccomend it completely, it is a small trip to Hong Kong without ever leaving Calgary. Yes, you might have communication problems, the people who work there are all chinese speakers with sometimes relatively poor english (although their english is alot better then my Cantonese), the place is usually packed and it is 90%+ chinese who frequent the place.