• Smitty’s, Strathmore
    503 – Hwy #1 (see map)
    Strathmore ABĀ  T1P 1C1
    Phone: 403 901 0788

    While on a long drive heading back to Calgary, we were feeling famished. We hit Strathmore on the way and decide to stop for something to eat. We picked Smitty’s, despite our previous experience.

    We arrived at Smitty’s in Strathmore around 5:15 pm on a Sunday. Because Smitty’s is right next to the highway and attached to the Esso gas station, you might expect a lot of customers. But no, the restaurant was empty. Even so, it was a while before the server noticed our entrance, and she brought us to a booth with old food crumbs on the seat.

    Our server seemed friendly at first, but her true disposition would come out in the course of our meal. By the end, she came across as someone who didn’t want to be working there. She brought our drinks and then took our order. Our food did not take long, but now I wish it had taken longer.

    I got a burger with fries, and my friend got salmon with vegetables. Where to begin? My fries tasted like nothing. I could have put anything else in my mouth and it would have tasted better than those fries. My side order of mayonnaise was lumpy and sour, like it was past the expiration date. My burger was okay. The patty did have the taste of meat, but it was overcooked, tough, and greasy. The excess burger grease should have gone on the fries, maybe, to give the latter some flavor.

    My friend’s salmon looked nice, although it was almost impossible to see, hidden under a thick glob of hollandaise sauce. The plate presentation reminded me of a cafeteria line, where food is slapped haphazardly on your plate. The vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) were overcooked, such that the carrots tasted like baby food. It seems they were seasoned unevenly, because half the portion was bland and the other half buttery. The salmon was cooked from frozen, as my friend could tell from the texture, and the hollandaise sauce was not worth eating.

    As she cleared our table, our server dutifully asked how everything was. “It was okay,” I answered. This was met with silence and indifference. It seems she didn’t care to know why it was not good or how it could have been better.

    Ambiance-wise, Smitty’s in Strathmore looks cozy and homey. It would be nice if they took more care to tidy up the place. When we first arrived in the empty restaurant, we spotted one table with dirty dishes, which were still there when we left an hour later. Underneath our table, I found some cutlery that had been lying there for some time (based on the collected dust).

    Judging from the lack of customers – only one other group showed up while we were there – we should have been warned.

    Last thoughts: The first thing I want to say is STAY AWAY. I will never set foot in this Smitty’s again, not even if they have the last remaining food on the planet. After two bad experiences at two different Smitty’s restaurants, I am done with this chain.

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    Posted by James on Oct 11, 2008


5 Responses

  • cory Says:

    Smittys sucks the cook should find another job 45 min for bacon and broken over easy eggs they were cold .was not very busy complained manager did not care food tastes like CRAP…………….

  • Sandra Says:

    Dont know what you guys are talking about. We go there almost every week and just love the service and food. They do get busy at times specially on the weekends but thats with every restaurant. for people who want food faster there are fast food joints. a restaurant meal takes time cause they have more than bacon and egg guy to deal with :( My entire family goes there and i often take the kids hockey team there they are always accommodating. The management is fabulous cause they serve you with a smile :)

  • Sarah from the Hat Says:

    While on a long trip home from Edmonton, my husband and I decided to fill with gas and have bite to eat. since Smitty’s was attached to the Esso it was convenient for us not to go down the road. Now we wish we had. From the very first appearance of the restaurant once inside, I knew deep within this was going to be a mistake. The young boy had seated us in a booth. He proceeded to wash the table and used a filthy sour rag. I commented to him that the rag needed to be put into the laundry but he didn’t seem to care. Then he brought us a pop that we had ordered. Right across from us he continued to clean a previously used table.He handled the dishes and cutlery without hesitation.But what was bad is that he set the table without washing his hands. the waitress wasn’t much cleaner. Her clothes were filthy and her hair and shoes were not much better. I looked around while we waited the 45 minutes to get our small order and I just knew that we should have left at the pop stage of our order. I am not sure if the place had ever been vacuumed. I think that the Health inspectors would have a hay-day in this place. Please, if you work within the public health inspector dept check into this disgusting restaurant. It gives all the Smitty’s a bad name. We will never go back there again. And we did not leave a tip either.

  • Steve McDonald Says:

    Visiting Strathmore for Calgary Stampede and boy its fun!!!!
    Yesterday morning went to Smittys in Strathmore for breakfast with my wife and kids.
    The place has exceptional servers. And the food was great. They were very busy due to first day of stampede but they handled everything very good. The food took about 25-30 mins but that is expected in a full restaurant.
    It was a very good experience from the beginning to the end. shall be going there for breakfast everyday until we are here.

  • Chevygirl Says:

    I worked at the Smittys in Strathmore for awhile after the new managers took over AND WILL NEVER WORK FOR THEM AGAIN!! They are digusting people!!! I am not impressed last I heard the health department actually shut the resturaunt down because of how digusting the place was… I never got paid from them and have tried numerous means to collect my pay to no avail… I recomend if you come to Strathmore do not go to the new resturaunt as it is no better either… Go to Roadhouse or the Station or even Huskey for crying out loud!!