• Second Cup
    338 – 10 St NW
    Calgary ABĀ  T2N 1V8
    Phone: 403 270 9698

    After a leisurely walk through the trendy Calgary neighborhood of Kensington, it was time to warm up a bit before heading home. And what’s the best way to warm up? Somewhere that serves hot drinks, so my final stop was Second Cup.

    The Second Cup coffee shop on 10th Street is right across from the Safeway grocery store, just beyond the main row of shops. From the outside, this Second Cup does not look very big, but the inside had a lot more seating than I expected. There were high tables with stools, low tables with chairs, armchairs, and even a fireplace. The walls had many framed prints and pretty decorations, making for great coffee shop ambiance.

    At the order counter, the staff were not very friendly and appeared to regret being at work that day.

    There was a sign announcing free wireless Internet for customers, but to get access you need to make a purchase of at least $5.

    Going to the washroom was a bit tricky. As in many coffee shops, you need to ask for the key at the counter. I was told, “Sorry, but it’s only for customers.” Huh? Why would I be standing there in my shirt, not wearing my jacket, mitts, and hat (it was freezing outside), if I wasn’t a customer? I’d advise the staff to pay more attention to the customers and try to remember a face longer than one minute (two minutes would have been enough in my case).

    The new Cuzco Fair Trade Organic coffee I got was nothing to rave about. It was a bit weak for my taste (I like my coffee strong). Maybe they could put a few more beans in the coffee machine.

    Last thoughts: The Second Cup in Kensington is a nice place to sit and enjoy a warm drink. The coffee was not great, but it will do on a cold day. When I’m in the neighborhood again and in need of something warm, I will stop by and see if the staff are having a better day.

    Food / Drinks +++Second Cup on Urbanspoon
    Service ++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by James on Nov 25, 2008


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  • dani Says:

    The Cusco coffee at Second Cup is a level two coffee meaning a weak coffee. This is probably why your coffee tasted weak. You should have ordered a dark coffee or even a medium coffee.