• Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
    3022 23 St NE
    Calgary ABĀ  T2E 8R7
    Phone: 403 219 0900

    Perkins does not have many restaurants in Alberta, but they do have one in Calgary. To try something new, my friend and I went for dinner at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. It’s right next to Barlow Trail. Your best bet would be to get on 32nd Avenue going west and then take the first left.

    Our first impression of Perkins was so-so. The hostess who showed us to our table was not really friendly and did not seem to care much about anything, but after this things became much better.

    Our server, Brian, was probably one of the best servers we’ve ever met, but more about that later.

    Perkins has a homey atmosphere. The lighting inside gave us a warm feeling on that dark evening. The furniture consisted of the usual booths and tables, but it all looked pleasant and welcoming.

    Brian gave us the perfect amount of time to go through the menu and then expertly took our orders.

    I ordered a burger with fries (like in most of these reviews) and a side of mayonnaise. The food came pretty fast, and good old Brian noticed that something was wrong even before the plate hit the table. He apologized that I’d been given sour cream instead of mayonnaise (he could tell from the color). He ran back to the kitchen and in no time I got my proper side of mayonnaise. This was indeed an amazing feat on Brian’s part. Most places don’t even remember to bring my mayo, let alone recognize what it should look like.

    My burger looked great, maybe even too good. It was nicely cooked, not dripping with juice but just right, and even had some tasty seasoning. For me they could have used less pepper, but all in all it was a great burger that almost resembled a steak sandwich instead of a boring ground beef patty in a bun. The fries were also good. I seem to have trouble getting good fries in Calgary these days, but Perkins obviously knows how to make them. They were tasty and cooked precisely to my liking.

    My friend order the chicken cordon bleu, which was perfectly breaded, crisp, and flavorful. The accompanying vegetables were cooked just right, not over- or under-done like in 9 out of 10 restaurants.

    Brian kept an eye on us while he worked the room. My drink, for instance, never reached bottom. He always managed to get me a refill just before the glass could become empty.

    After the main meal he noticed that we were full, but my friend’s meal came with pie. Before we even thought of it, he asked if we would prefer to take the pie home in a box. Well, that was the perfect solution. What a smart guy!

    The pie – peanut butter – was simply delicious.

    Last thoughts: Perkins is a must-visit. It’s close to the airport, so it’s perfect for grabbing a quick meal when you drop off or pick up a friend. The food was excellent and the service we enjoyed was super. Perkins, I will be back, no doubt about that, and I hope I’ll run into Brian again.

    Food +++++Perkins Family on Urbanspoon
    Service +++++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms ++++

    Posted by James on Nov 24, 2008


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  • Tiffiny Says:

    I ate at Perkins on Barlow and was not pleased with the service the food was fantastic however.