• Moo’s Country Ice Cream
    200 Barclay Parade SW
    Calgary AB

    Eau Claire is a popular hangout for Calgarians when the weather is nice, and it’s the site of choice for many local events and festivals. Catering to these crowds is Moo’s Country Ice Cream, an ice cream stand between the kiddie pool and the public washrooms.

    Moo’s is the place to get your ice cream fix at Eau Claire. Unfortunately they are sometimes closed early, perhaps when the weather’s not so nice.

    Moo’s sells a wide range of products: pop, packaged Nestle ice cream, and snow cones in all kinds of flavors. I am partial to the soft-serve ice cream.

    You can get the soft-serve in flavors like cappuccino, green apple, strawberry, and more. The fun part about your Moo’s ice cream cone is that the flavor is added in swirls to the soft-serve. This makes for a pretty and colorful treat in which the flavours mingle nicely.

    Moo’s is just an ice cream cart, so it doesn’t come with seating, but there are benches all over the park. And of course, public washrooms are right next to the ice cream stand.

    Moo’s only takes cash, or you can use the ATM in Eau Claire Market.

    Last thoughts: Moo’s Country Ice Cream gets a lot of sweet-tooth traffic when the weather’s nice, so you can count on their wares to be fresh and tasty. Moo’s will continue to be one of my favourite places for a cold treat. Just look for the big windmill and you’ll find Moo’s.

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    Posted by Phoebe on Jun 28, 2009


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