• Montana’s Cookhouse
    2555 32 St NE
    Calgary ABĀ  T1Y 7J6
    Phone: 403 735 9270

    Montana’s Cookhouse is a chain of restaurants in Canada and the Northern United States. They serve the typical steaks, burgers, and ribs in a rugged-outdoors setting.

    To find the Montana’s in the northeast of Calgary, simply look for the movie theater just behind Sunridge Mall. Montana’s is right in the parking lot.

    When we got to Montana’s around 7:30 pm on a Friday night, it was busy with a minimum wait of 35 minutes for a table. I was hungry, so I wasn’t about to wait that long. However, we were told we could sit in the bar area, space permitting. It was our lucky night, because we did find a free booth next to the main restaurant. The same menu is available in the bar area, so it was not a big sacrifice, except maybe for the big TVs close by.

    A server quickly took our order and the wait began. The wait was much longer than usual at Montana’s, but it was evidently due to the full restaurant.

    My Prime Rib Sandwich looked good but was disappointing. The menu states that it’s served on a crusty bun, which to me means a fresh, firm bun. I got my prime rib meat on a soggy old bun. It may have been crusty when it was still fresh-baked (likely the day before). The sandwich tasted okay, although I have a strong feeling that they served me deli meat instead of fresh prime rib. The fries didn’t taste good and were lukewarm, cold by the time I finished by meal. They certainly didn’t come piping hot from the frying oil.

    My friend got the Pot Roast with Yorkshire pudding and vegetables. The roast and pudding were also lukewarm, and vegetables were undercooked. Most restaurants overcook vegetables, but raw-tasting ones are just as bad.

    Last thoughts: As you can tell, my experience was not that great. If I ever go back to this Montana’s restaurant, I will stay far, far away from the Prime Rib Sandwich.

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    Posted by James on Dec 10, 2008


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  • Betty Says:

    Spent my birthday once in the bar area, but then they do not sing for you, or at least they did not for me.