• McDonald’s, Sunridge Way
    2665 Sunridge Way NE
    Calgary AB T1Y 7K7
    Phone: 403 663 6300

    The McDonald’s on Sunridge Way NE is just next to Barlow Trail and has great access from there as well. Of course that means it can get really busy at this McDonald’s restaurant.

    I was there just before the lunch rush, but I still found a pretty full restaurant and many customers with kids enjoying Happy Meals.

    Ordering took a while, probably because there were only a couple of cash registers, but my food was ready quickly. My fish burger was up to McDonald’s standards, so I had no complaints there.

    The ambiance was nice, though not the typical McDonald’s atmosphere. It felt more like a lunch place where people go for a quick lunch break.

    Last thoughts: This McDonald’s is in a great location, and the food is also great, so it will stay on my list of places to go when hunger pangs hit.

    Food ++++McDonald's on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by James on Oct 06, 2008


One Response

  • A Frequent Customer Says:

    I was a usual there, and I enjoyed going there on my breaks, this McDonalds is a lot more friendly, and a lot less formal than the other Mcdonalds I’ve been too; which makes the experience much more enjoyable. My food is always hot and freash. The crew people are friendly, respectful, helpfull, and willing to put in the extra effort for the customers, especially the weekday morning people. How ever since the new evening managers arived, the crew have seemed to lose there energy and aren’t as upbeat, and positve as they used to be, the yelling from the Managers is a bit annoying, and often ruins it for me when I’m there.
    If you plan on going to this McDonalds, in my opinion the best times are before 9am during the week, and any time on Sundays, and Wednesdays. Thats because its when the loudest manager isn’t there.