• McDonald’s, Shepard Crossing
    109-522 130 Ave SE
    Calgary ABĀ  T2Z 0G4
    Phone: 403 221 7599

    This McDonald’s restaurant is just a bit inside the 130th Avenue SE area, across the street from Safeway and close to Home Depot.

    This McDonald’s looks quite fancy. It has a fireplace, leather chairs, and nice booths. There is a PlayPlace for kids housed in a separate room.

    They did make one big mistake with this McDonald’s. There is almost no room between the entrance and the counter, so at lunch time the line backs up all the way outside. McDonald’s should have planned for more space to contain the lunch crowd.

    Staff here does not appear to be the smartest, which leads to longer waits than you’d expect at McDonald’s. Lucky for us, the food quality does not suffer.

    Last thoughts: This McDonald’s has good food and an almost classy ambience. However, do I really want to wait in that line? I think that will depend on what time I get there.

    Food ++++McDonald's on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by Phoebe on Jun 07, 2009


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  • sheila ball Says:

    visited this store this morning at 7;37 this morning while driving my granddaughter to school to stop and get pancakes she was so excited picked up the order she started to eat them on the drive and what a disappointment they were ice cold and raw in the middle I had one very disappointed 11 year old this morning we were already driving to erinwoods so it was too late to bring them in would ur cooks like to eat cold pancakes please rectify the problem so some other little girl isn’t let down first thing in the morning thank you Sheila ball