• McDonald’s, Revelstoke
    1880 Trans-Canada Highway (see map)
    Revelstoke BC
    Phone: 250 837 6230

    I was feeling peckish around 9:30 pm and decided to get something quick at McDonald’s in Revelstoke. This McDonald’s is right next to Highway 1, making it a great stop for hungry travellers.

    It was not particularly busy, with the dining room about a third full. Some of the counter staff even had time to entertain friends. I ordered a Filet-O-Fish, which landed on my tray within seconds – lightning fast, even for McDonald’s.

    Finding a table was not a problem; finding a clean one was impossible. I took the least dirty one and started to eat my burger. I guess going there at the end of the day was not the best idea. The batter of my fish was stale, like it had been sitting out too long, and it was some steps below what I’ve come to expect from a McDonald’s fish burger.

    On going to dispose of my garbage, I found the bins so full that I had to stack my trash on top. Like the trash bins and dining tables, the washrooms had been neglected for a long while. They were dirty and littered with toilet paper.

    Last thoughts: The McDonald’s in Revelstoke falls far short of the usual standards. The staff, though friendly, seem to be too distracted by their friends to keep the place in order. All this discourages even a McDonald’s regular like me from returning to this location. The next time I’m in Revelstoke I will give my business to the A&W next door.

    Food ++McDonald's on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance +++
    Cleanliness ++
    Washrooms ++

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    Posted by James on Aug 05, 2008


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  • ken Says:

    Possibly just your experience here. I found the staff friendly the food about a 5/10 but I find it always clean. On second thought about a 7/10 it is fast food after all.