• McDonald’s, Okotoks
    600 Big Rock Lane
    Okotoks ABĀ  T0L 1T0
    Phone: 403 938 3050

    McDonald’s in Okotoks is easy to find. First of all, you can’t miss the BIG golden arches in front, and secondly, it’s right on the main road that runs through the city of Okotoks.

    This McDonald’s Restaurant has a PlayPlace that also offers some big-kid entertainment. Lucky for hungry customers unaccompanied by kids, the PlayPlace is in a separate room that holds in all the noise.

    Going to a McDonald’s with a PlayPlace can be a mistake for people like me who want a quick lunch. If you go there on a day when kids are not in school, then you better be prepared to wait and wait and wait to be served.

    The Okotoks McDonald’s probably employs the slowest cooks, of all the McDonald’s I’ve visited.

    But let’s back-track a bit.

    Ambiance-wise, this McDonald’s has fresh decor and just enough seating (probably not enough when it’s busy).

    I ordered a Filet-O-Fish combo, which was fresh and tasted like it should at every McDonald’s.

    Last thoughts: There is no reason I won’t return to the McDonald’s in Okotoks, although I might stay away when it’s a school holiday.

    Food ++++McDonald's Okotoks on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance +++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by James on Nov 02, 2008


3 Responses

  • Justin Says:

    Nice to try their free coffee. I think the coffee at McDonald’s is much better than the coffee at Tim Horton’s.

  • oriana b Says:

    hello mc donals how are you today you’re food is great. We eat 1 time ina month but always come to the mc donald of okotoks is a great place .and a like playground a youre toys you have.

  • Mark Says:

    Man, every time I think they’re getting it right they slip right back to their old ways.
    No straws, ketchup or receipt and they gave me Buffalo instead of ranch on the snack wraps.

    Coffee is better than Tims but not consistant.