• McDonald’s, Huntington Hills
    6820 4 St NW (see map)
    Calgary AB  T2K 1C2
    Phone: 403 295 1004

    Looking for a quick dinner, I stopped at the McDonald’s on 4 St NW (Huntington Hills) next to the new Superstore. This McDonald’s is one of the McDonald’s restaurants in Calgary with a big play area for kids, which seemed to be quite popular.

    I got there around 7:15 pm on a Wednesday and found a bit of a line-up. The people on staff were busy but not in a constructive way. Many of them were running around not knowing what they were doing.

    When it was my turn to order, the gentleman was friendly but didn’t really focus on what I said. I needed to repeat my choice of Angus burger three times, and my drink order with no ice several times, with the result that he still tried to give me ice.

    This McDonald’s has plenty of seating in the standard fast-food-variety tables and chairs. Luckily the kids’ play zone is in a separate dining area, so you can choose to sit somewhere else quieter.

    My Angus burger delivered on the taste I expect from McDonald’s, but the vegetables were not fresh and the bun was not toasted as it should have been.

    The men’s washroom was very dirty. The toilet seats still had “souvenirs” from previous visitors, and dirty paper towels were scattered throughout the floor. Curiously, the mirrors were hung so low that I could only see up to the lower half of my chest.

    Last thoughts: The Huntington Hills McDonald’s gets the food right, and it will be busy from being next to Superstore, but I would hesitate to return. My experience was disappointing by McDonald’s standards. To find a much, much better McDonald’s (though without a kids’ play area), just drive a couple more minutes south on 4 St NW to 23 Ave.

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    Posted by James on Sep 04, 2008

2 Responses

  • Harumph Says:

    I’ve never known a restaurant mess up orders more. Almost every trip through the drive through (and many at the counter) ends up with missed and/or wrong items. We live just a few blocks away, but will usually drive to the location further south on 4th Street just to avoid the aggravation.

  • Will Says:

    This is one of the worst McDonald’s I’ve ever been to for accuracy. I second Harumph’s comment on this one. If you really want a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a Fries, and Coke…….just order Fried Chicken, Ice Cream and a large box of corn on the cob. Then they will probably give you what you want. Its kind of like playing Russian Roulette at that location.