• McDonald’s, High River
    1201 – 16 St SE (see map)
    High River AB  T1V 1L2
    Phone: 403 652 2054

    Another day, another McDonald’s. Work today brought me to High River, and when you don’t have much time to spare for lunch, nothing is quicker than McDonald’s.

    The McDonald’s in High River has a PlayPlace for kids, with some cool playthings and a big slide. Luckily for us adults who prefer to eat without hearing the kids play, the PlayPlace is in a separate room where the parents can also sit down to eat.

    Ambiance-wise, this McDonald’s is not so great. The tables are cheap-looking and the decor is kind of boring. The space is poorly allocated. For instance, the floor area for customers to line up was needlessly huge.

    Our server was not very friendly, but our food was served quickly, even quicker than McDonald’s standards and during the lunch rush to boot.

    The food was as you’d expect from McDonald’s: good and up to expectations.

    Last thoughts: McDonald’s in High River is not bad, but also not as I would have hoped. In particular, the decor is far from inviting. The food was good, but that may not be enough to make me go back to this McDonald’s.

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    Service +++
    Ambiance ++

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    Posted by James on Oct 08, 2008


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