• McDonald’s, Deerfoot Meadows
    1400 – 33 Heritage Meadows Way SE
    Calgary ABĀ  T2H 3B8
    Phone: 403 663 4395

    The Deerfoot Meadows McDonald’s has a great location: easy access from Deerfoot Trail, close to IKEA, and close to many other retail outlets. This McDonald’s restaurant is not very big but has a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

    I visited this McDonald’s for a late lunch around 3 pm on a Wednesday. There were a few people in the dining area but nobody in line. When I approached the counter the person behind it was sweeping the floor, but he set aside his broom to take my order and get my food. I wonder if he should have washed his hands before touching the food, but I thought no more about it.

    My lunch was a fish burger combo. After finding a clean table (most of them were dirty), I got a little surprise in my Filet-O-Fish box. As you might know, the Filet-O-Fish burger comes with half a piece of cheese. Mine did, but it was ON TOP of the bun, not in between the two pieces of bread. Because I’m not the biggest cheese-lover, I got it off the bun and ate the burger without the cheese. Nonetheless, putting the cheese outside the sandwich? The restaurant was dead and yet they were too distracted to make the sandwich properly?

    After my meal I wanted a free refill, so I went to the order counter and waited. At first nobody seemed to notice, then a lady came forward. She got busy making herself the biggest iced coffee I have ever seen. When she was done serving herself, she was kind enough to call out to someone else that there were customers waiting.

    Last thoughts: This McDonald’s in Deerfoot Meadows will be low on my list of places to re-visit. The food was not bad, but for a slow time of day this place was a complete mess. I think I’ll go somewhere else next time, maybe to FatBurger across the parking lot.

    Food ++McDonalds Restaurants of Canada Ltd on Urbanspoon
    Service ++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++
    Tidiness ++

    Posted by James on Jan 15, 2009


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