• Little Caesars Pizza
    728 Northmount Dr NW
    Calgary AB  T2K 3K2
    Phone: 403 284 5254

    When you want a pizza and you want it right now, then Little Caesars is a great bet. My pizza craving led me to the Little Caesars in northwest Calgary.

    To get there, just go north on 10th Street NW. You’ll find Little Caesars just where 10th Street becomes Northmount Drive.

    Pizzas are always hot and ready (no waiting!) at this Little Caesars, and they’re cheap! You can get a Pepperoni Pizza for just $5, and it’s certainly big enough for a meal.

    Little Caesars is not a sit-down restaurant. It’s just a pick-up counter where you order for taking out.

    The staff are friendly and know what they’re doing. I got a Hawaiian Pizza ($7), which was hot and tasty.

    If you want to spruce up your takeout dinner, Little Caesars also has dips, drinks, and their famous Crazy Bread.

    Last thoughts: Little Caesars is always my first choice for takeout pizza. Their prices are better than most pizza places in town, and I don’t have to wait for the delivery guy.

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    Ambiance +++

    Posted by Carl on Jun 16, 2009

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