• KFC #1744
    1440 52 St NE (see map)
    Calgary ABĀ  T2A 4T8
    Phone: 403 273 3100

    Lunch today was at Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Trans-Canada Mall, an easily accessible shopping area on the corner of Highway 1 and 52nd Street NE. This KFC already had a couple of customers when we got there around noon. It was not quite a lunch rush, but there was a small, steady stream of hungry folks.

    Despite the absence of a heavy lunch crowd, things were moving at a snail’s pace. The staff were very slow taking orders, and I waited almost 5 minutes for my Classic Combo to arrive.

    This KFC had an old-fashioned ambiance dominated by plastic swivel chairs and booths. The dated look could certainly use an overhaul.

    The food was edible but not great. The chicken burger was piled with so much lettuce that, had I left it on, I couldn’t have tasted any chicken. The fries were saved by their seasoning, without which they might have been nothing more than cardboard sticks.

    Last thoughts: I’ve noticed that KFC is doing poorly in the fast-food market, and I think it’s because they haven’t kept up with the times. The restaurants look old and dated, and the staff are lethargic. They don’t need to be running around – they just need to show some interest in their work. For me, KFC is and will remain a last resort.

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    Service +++
    Ambiance ++

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    Posted by Carl on Feb 21, 2009

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  • anonymous Says:

    If you want to give KFC another chance, you may wish to check out the Crowfoot location. I always go there when I have a craving for KFC and I agree most other locations I’ve been to are poorly operated. This one, however, is clean, with much better service than any other I’ve been to. It’s often busy, but the employees are very efficient and friendly. The food is better too; I find it’s less greasy than other locations and the food is not just thrown into the takeout box.