• Joey’s Only Seafood Restaurant, Bragg Creek
    220 Balson Ave (see map)
    Bragg Creek AB  T0L 0K0
    Phone: 403 949 3336

    I like to visit Joey’s, and today I brought a friend to the one in Bragg Creek.

    The serving staff were nice and got us seated at the table of our choice in no time. The decor of this Joey’s Seafood Restaurant was cute, with fish all over the place and even barriers between the tables that were shaped like fish.

    The menu was not usual full Joey’s menu. It was kind of limited, but the important thing was that it still had their famous Fish and Chips.

    The food was good, as always, and the portions were some of the biggest I’ve had at any Joey’s. Even better, they offered unlimited fries.

    Last thoughts: There aren’t many food places in Bragg Creek, so Joey’s is a natural option. It is easy to find and has a great ambiance.

    Food ++++Joey's Only Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++

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    Posted by James on Oct 06, 2008

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