• Inglewood Drive Inn
    802 12 St NE
    Calgary ABĀ  T2G 3H5
    Phone: 403 265 5198

    The Inglewood Drive Inn had first caught my eye while I was shopping in this Calgary neighborhood last summer. It’s housed in a humble shack on 12th Street SE, the street that takes you from the Calgary Zoo to the Inglewood area.

    Both outside and inside, this restaurant could use some updating. It looks old and shabby. The washrooms, though clean, literally have paint peeling off the walls. Overall, the Inglewood Drive Inn feels plain and devoid of ambiance. It does have a good amount of seating.

    Our server was friendly and gave us time to mull over the menu board above the counter. There’s an extensive selection of sandwiches, burgers, sides, shakes, breakfasts, and dinners, so making up your mind can be a challenge.

    After ordering you pay at the counter, and this place only takes cash or debit (no credit cards). The food was brought out in about 10 minutes. It was all served on Styrofoam plates, to my chagrin. Paper is okay, but Styrofoam is terrible. I don’t see why the food can’t be served on reusable (not disposable) dishes for customers dining in. It would be much better for the planet and probably cheaper in the long run.

    The food was good. My double cheeseburger (only $2.82) was big. The patty was processed rather than homemade, but it was still tasty. My maple milkshake was quite delicious – I would go back for that. My friend got a salmon salad sandwich that she wouldn’t recommend. Think chicken salad but made with canned salmon, which she has made herself with better success than the Inglewood Drive Inn. She should probably have ordered the fish burger instead.

    Last thoughts: The Inglewood Drive Inn could get a repeat visit from me, primarily for the milkshakes. The food is good but not “wow”. The place could use some sprucing up and the heater could be set a couple of degrees warmer. If you’re planning to go, note that they are closed on Sundays and only open until 6:30 pm Monday to Saturday.

    Food +++Inglewood Drive in on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance ++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by Phoebe on Apr 08, 2009

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2 Responses

  • Ryan Says:

    Maple Milkshake? Don’t have those around here (East Coast US)…I don’t think so anyways.

  • James Says:

    Maple-flavored things are typically a Canadian thing. Maple milkshakes or ice cream is especially good, even better when it’s maple walnut.