• Humpty’s Restaurant
    511 McKnight Blvd NE (see map)
    Calgary AB
    Phone: 403 230 8236

    It was a rainy Saturday morning. What’s the best thing to do on a day like that, besides staying in bed? You guessed right: Go out for breakfast!

    I picked Humpty’s because I’d never been there before.

    The ambiance at Humpty’s is not bad; it looks like a diner and acts like a diner. On this morning it was fairly busy, and the waitresses were running around just to keep up.

    Our waitress was quick in taking our order but didn’t seem to be interested in us as customers.

    You know by now that I’m a bit strange. I got the burger and fries, perhaps not the best bet so early in the morning. All my food was soaked in oil, and that is exactly what I don’t like. My friend got an actual breakfast meal – toast, eggs, ham, sausages – and that also failed to impress.

    The washrooms reinforced our poor impression of Humpty’s. They were not particularly clean. It was amusing to see all kinds of writing on the walls, and this had prompted more graffiti making fun of the bad spelling.

    Last thoughts: Will this Humpty’s get another visit from me any day soon? Probably not. Service is important to me, and the service at this Humpty’s could have been a lot better without costing the waitress a second more of her time. The food was okay, but the kitchen should go easy on the oil or at least let it drip off.

    Food +++Humpty's Family on Urbanspoon
    Service ++
    Ambiance +++
    Washrooms ++

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    Posted by James on Aug 01, 2008


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