• Humpty’s Family Restaurant
    42148 Highway 1 W
    Calgary ABĀ  T3Z 2P2
    Phone: 403 932 9353

    This Humpty’s Restaurant is not really in Calgary, if you ask me. You find it on Highway 1, just after the exit to Bragg Creek and Cochrane, connected to the Petro Canada gas station.

    After a past visit to a Humpty’s in Calgary, I was hesitant to visit another one, but as you’ll read, this one is much better than the previous one.

    You can get to the Highway 1 Humpty’s from either side of the highway – just use the Highway 22X overpass.

    On entering Humpty’s you’ll notice a wall full of awards for service and food. Of course, this raised my expectations. One server promptly escorted us to a table, and another server asked if we wanted coffee. What a good start.

    The ambiance is average. It is a typical family restaurant/diner, but the space was planned in a strange way, making the restaurant feel cramped. Our booth by the window did offer a nice view of the highway.

    Humpty’s just updated their menu, and wow! It has a lot of options that are worth a try.

    After much fun deliberation, we finally ordered. I got an M&M Burger (comes with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese), and my friend went for the Meatloaf.

    Our food came after a reasonable time and looked very good.

    My fries were perfectly crisp and especially tasty. I felt like I was eating something much fancier than potato sticks.

    The burger was covered with mushrooms and the mozzarella cheese was melted on top of them. There was fresh lettuce, tomato, and onions on the side. I had said yes to mustard and relish, and these condiments were on the bottom.

    The patty was a good size but lacked flavor on its own. The beef itself would have been disappointing, but with the add-ons it made a tasty burger. The patty came in a fresh sesame-seed bun.

    The meatloaf was not moist and sliced like the traditional version. At Humpty’s, it was square-shaped beef patties, served with vegetables and garlic bread. The meatloaf was firm and tasty – I could eat this on a bun as a burger. The vegetable were fresh and well seasoned. There were two slices of garlic Ciabatta bread, a great variation on the usual sliced bread.

    Last thoughts: Visiting this Humpty’s Family Restaurant on Highway 1 was an eye-opener. It was so much better than my previous experience. The service was super, and the food was good and extremely filling. This is a location I would go back to.

    Food ++++Humpty's Family on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance +++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by Carl on May 24, 2009


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