• Huckleberry’s Family Restaurant
    205 Laurier St
    Invermere BC
    Phone: 250 342 3800

    While on a little road trip we had to stop in Invermere for lunch. After driving around to scope out the food territory, we were drawn to try Huckleberry’s Family Restaurant.

    To find this family restaurant in Invermere, just take the main road into town and look on your left. Huckleberry’s Restaurant looks like a big log cabin inside and out. On entering you’re greeted by a large ice cream counter. On a warm day, people can pop in to buy a cold treat and enjoy it outside on the picnic tables (also crafted from logs). On this day we opted for a sit-down meal inside. The dining room is split in two, on either side of the ice cream counter. Both sides are sparsely decorated, and the tables and chairs could have been chosen with more thought to complement the cozy log-cabin setting.

    Huckleberry’s has an extensive menu bursting with choices. The menu itself is very busy and colorful, thus somewhat hard to read. I went for the Schnitzel Burger while my companion picked the Seafood Omelette with Huckleberry Pancakes.

    Our food arrived shortly. The Schnitzel Burger looked good: a nicely breaded piece of meat on a fresh bun. It was the first time I’d had schnitzel in a burger. The schnitzel was cooked right and a perfect fit with the bun. The fries were crispy and tasted great.

    The Seafood Omelette looked quite plain at first but proved to be full of tasty stuffing. It paired well with the Huckleberry Pancakes (it normally comes with plain pancakes). The pancakes were dotted with pieces of huckleberry and heavenly with the house-made huckleberry syrup.

    Our server was very friendly and entertained all my questions about huckleberries. He even gave us ideas for things to see while in Invermere. A server who is fully engaged with his customers is a rare treat these days.

    Last thoughts: Huckleberry’s Family Restaurant is a must-go and must-return. The food is super, the decor unique, and the service exemplary. If you’re going anywhere near Invermere, eat at Huckleberry’s and you will leave happy.

    Food ++++Huckleberry’s Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon
    Service +++++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms ++++

    Posted by James on Oct 26, 2009

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