• Hometown Kitchen & Bar
    4068 Ogden Road SE (see map)
    Calgary ABĀ  T2G 4P5
    Phone: 403 264 5735

    Hometown Kitchen on Ogden Road is in the heart of the industrial area, which is probably where most of their customers come from.

    Just outside the door are big signs advertising great food deals, but they’re not all current. Hometown Kitchen & Bar just changed hands, and the new owners are still working on the menu.

    Inside, Hometown Kitchen & Bar looks like a school cafeteria. It’s clearly not concerned about ambiance – just about feeding hungry industrial workers. On our Saturday visit the weekday lunch crowd was missing, so we were the only patrons.

    The service was all smiles and the new owners extremely attentive. Our food was ready in 10-15 minutes.

    Unfortunately my order arrived before my friend’s order. This was disappointing, since other restaurants always serve me and my dining companions at the same time.

    The food was pretty good. My steak sandwich with garlic toast and fries (only $3.95) looked great and also tasted good. It was a shame that all the seasoning on the steak was clumped in the center, but otherwise it was a pretty good cut of meat and cooked to the right doneness.

    The wonton soup with BBQ pork (medium, $4.95) was more of a “large”. It had several slices of pork (quite tasty), small-ish wontons, and plenty of vegetables (mostly carrots). The broth was bland, though. Every scoop of soup needed a good shake of pepper.

    Last thoughts: Hometown Kitchen & Bar is a stripped-down kind of place. You go there if you’re nearby and need to get something in your stomach. There is charm in the plainness, and the owners couldn’t be more earnest. Hometown Kitchen & Bar stays on my list because I’ve yet to find better dine-out prices in Calgary. If you’re curious to try, note that they’re closed on Sundays.

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    Posted by James on Apr 21, 2009

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