• Harveys, Signal Hill
    5658 Signal Hill Centre SW
    Calgary AB  T3H 3P8
    Phone: 403 240 0006

    Searching for a quick meal brought us to this Harvey’s Restaurant. You can find this Harvey’s right next to Swiss Chalet, with whom they actually share the front door and washrooms.

    Going for dinner could be a bit tricky. The door sign indicated that Harvey’s Signal Hill closes at 7 pm, which could be too early to accommodate a dinner rush.

    At the counter, you can either order food from Harvey’s or takeout from Swiss Chalet. I guess they have the same owner.

    The staff are friendly but easily flustered. They served us quickly, but the process felt ad hoc, as if it was everyone’s first day on the job.

    The ambiance was so-so. The dining area consisted of loose tables and chairs, which deprived the restaurant of a homey feel. There were flower baskets hanging from the ceiling, but the ceiling is low, so watch your head if you’re 6 feet or over.

    The burgers lived up to our expectations from Harvey’s.

    Last thought: Would I go back to the Harvey’s in Signal Hill?  I don’t think so. Though the food was good, the rest was meh. I might be lured back by a really strong craving for Harvey’s, but I don’t get that often.

    Food ++++Harvey's (Signal Hill) on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance +++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by Phoebe on May 29, 2009


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