• Fatburger, Calgary SE
    #1000 – 33 Heritage Meadows Way SE (see map)
    Calgary ABĀ  T2H 3B8
    Phone: 403 255 1144

    Fatburger in Calgary is rated “Calgary’s best burger”, which of course meant that I needed to check it out.

    Location-wise, Fatburger is just behind IKEA and well positioned in the midst of lots of other shopping.

    As soon as I entered Fatburger, I noticed something I don’t appreciate, and that is loud music. The loudness kept bugging me throughout my stay. The music was nice but simply too loud, so loud that it was difficult to hear the servers.

    Ordering is simple: You go to the till, say which burger you want, and dress it to your liking by choosing from the many add-ons available. Then you get a number for your table and you’re ready to go and wait. The counter girl said it would take around 10 minutes, and that’s about how long it took. In the meantime, you can get your choice of drink at the soda machine, maybe even a refill or two.

    The ambiance at Fatburger is nice. They have comfy boots, and the whole decor makes it a great place to sit. I especially liked the color scheme.

    The burger is wrapped neatly in a paper sleeve, which folds open so that you can eat the burger without getting your hands too dirty. Taste-wise, I wouldn’t say that Fatburger has the best burger in town, but it’s still pretty good.

    One minor complaint is that it’s pricey for a burger place. Fatburger’s prices are comparable to places like Montana’s or Ricky’s, and for lunch that’s a bit steep.

    Last thoughts: Fatburger is a great place for a meal. It’s not cheap, but you get a nice experience. It’ll be on my list when I want something better than McDonald’s and can afford the wait and the higher prices.

    Food ++++Fatburger on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++++

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    Posted by James on Oct 12, 2008


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