• Fatburger, Calgary NE
    3545 32 Ave NE
    Calgary AB T1Y 6M6
    Phone: 403 453 1372

    Today – April 30, 2009 – was the second opening day of the second Fatburger in Calgary. In addition to Fatburger in the southeast, there is now a Fatburger in the northeast, almost right on the corner of 32nd Avenue and 36th Street.

    This Fatburger Restaurant is everything you’d expect from a just-opened establishment. Everything looks fresh, clean, and brand-spanking-new. The dining area has booths hugging the walls and windows, and tables in the center.

    The process is simple. You go to the till, pick your burger and toppings, pay, get a number for your order, and go wait at a table for 10 minutes (we were there at dinner time) for the food to come.

    Fatburger is not cheap by any stretch. We ordered one combo meal and one burger (just the sandwich), and the total was over $18. It was steep for dining at what is essentially a fast-food joint. They want to erase the fast-food impression by selling beer. Well, then to me it’s just a fast-food place that sells beer.

    The staff are extremely courteous and friendly, obviously well trained. At least one staff member is constantly patrolling the tables in case one needs to be cleared, to the point where it felt like an invasion of dining privacy.

    Last thoughts: Fatburger is a nice place with good food and filling portions, but it’s a bit pricey for a burger and fries. I might consider this Fatburger the next time I’m hungry and nearby, but I’m equally likely to go to A&W or McDonald’s.

    Food ++++Fatburger NE on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++++

    Posted by James on Apr 30, 2009


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  • Ryan Says:

    I’ve been to Fatburger once…one was opened in Maryland, USA recently. I had a Baby Fatburger and a Turkey Burger…really good TurkeyBurger…worth trying.