• Emerald Garden Peking & Seafood Restaurant
    1006 16 Ave NW (see map)
    Calgary AB
    Phone: 403 289 3881

    Emerald Garden is hard to miss. It’s right next to Highway 1, between Centre Street and 10th Street, and a few steps from Tim Horton’s.

    This Chinese & Portuguese cuisine restaurant is not open all day but serves lunch and dinner. Check beforehand if you want to go there at any other time.

    We went to Emerald Garden on a Monday for dinner and found it buzzing with diners, especially for a Monday. The restaurant is pleasant and spacious inside, with nice fabric-covered booths and large round tables for larger groups.

    The service was good and the staff friendly and polite. The wait for our food was long, maybe because it was so busy.

    We ordered the three-course meal of Peking duck. The first course was strips of duck meat, which you fold into wraps with cucumbers, green onion, and sweet sauce to make great-tasting miniature “sandwiches”. The second course was fried rice with pieces of duck meat, vegetables, and – a pleasant surprise – pineapple. The third and final course was duck soup, which had a rich broth and was teeming with bok choy, tofu chunks, and duck bones.

    By ordering the three-course meal you basically use every last part of a whole duck to create three delicious dishes. You could also order just one course (wraps) or two courses (wraps plus rice or noodles, or wraps plus soup), but it’s only a couple more dollars to get all three.

    For those interested, the menu offers a large selection of other Chinese dishes as well as Portuguese specialties. I intend to try the Portuguese cuisine next time.

    Last thoughts: A visit to Emerald Garden Peking & Seafood Restaurant is definitely worth your while. It is easy to find and has plenty of parking on the back and side streets. It’s probably the best-value Peking Duck in Calgary.

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    Find Emerald Garden on the map.

    Posted by James on Feb 26, 2009

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