• Dairy Queen, Stadium / Motel Village
    2126 Crowchild Trail NW (see map)
    Calgary ABĀ  T2M 3Y7
    Phone: 403 282 4947

    With great weather in Calgary, it was time for some ice cream, and this time I was dreaming about a Blizzard.

    The closest Dairy Queen at that moment was the one in Motel Village alongside Crowchild Trail, just across the street from McMahon Stadium and just a minute’s walk from the Banff Trail CTrain station.

    This DQ looks old on the inside. It still looked taken care of, but the decor was really dated, with plastic booths and chairs in a color scheme that was in fashion decades ago.

    It was a busy evening at this Dairy Queen, yet I was helped fairly quickly.

    My Kit Kat Blizzard satisfied my craving. Except for the odd chunk of Kit Kat (which I like), most of the chocolate was ground to paste in the soft serve ice cream. I have to say that I prefer the Kit Kat McFlurry from McDonald’s, but the Kit Kat Blizzard is a close second.

    Food ++++Dairy Queen Canada on Urbanspoon
    Service +++++
    Ambiance +++

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    Posted by James on Sep 04, 2008

2 Responses

  • Alex Says:

    Nice place, clean, and people are friendly.

    Right now they have great food deals with 2 items for $4, 3 for $5, or 4 for $6. You could buy a complete meal with dessert for $6. The competition better watch out. McDonald’s, take note! ;-)

  • Ben Says:

    Did you try the “Sweet Deals”?

    I did at this DQ and the portions were tiny! You get what you pay for. McDonald’s value deals are much, much better.