• Chili’s Texas Grill
    1632 14 Ave NW (see map)
    Calgary ABĀ  T2N 1M7
    Phone: 403 210 2438

    We went for dinner at Chili’s Restaurant adjacent to the North Hill Shopping Centre in Calgary.

    Things became awkward as soon as we entered. The hostess seemed a bit “out of it”. We asked for a window booth, and we could see that 4 of them were empty. She led us to the only one that had not been cleared (the other 3 were clean), and we had to wait while she got it ready.

    After a couple of minutes we settled down to perusing the menu. Our server showed up shortly after, took our drinks, and brought them soon after. At this point we asked for a bit more time, since the menu was extensive and not that well organized. We did get more time, too much if you ask me.

    But eventually our order was taken and the food arrived quickly. I got the Oldtimer Burger, which was nothing special, and the meat did not make me long for more. The patty tasted like it was cooked from frozen and came from a supermarket package. My friend ordered the Terlingua Chili, described on the menu as their “signature chili with tender chunks of beef slow-cooked with onions, peppers & chilies”. Well, there was no hint of any chilies whatsoever. Chili’s chili was bland and lukewarm, extremely disappointing for a dish that should be piping hot and have some kick.

    According to the menu, every Chili’s Restaurant has an upside-down picture. The ladies will have a hard time finding it at the North Hill location. (It was hanging in the men’s washroom.)

    Last thoughts: I’m not going back to Chili’s Texas Grill. Neither the food nor the service is worth a repeat visit. Calgary has plenty of restaurants that serve much better food in the same price range.

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    Posted by Carl on Mar 03, 2009

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