• Chicken on the Way
    2nd Ave (see map)
    Cluny AB

    Driving on Highway 1 from Calgary to Medicine Hat, I was surprised to see signs for Chicken on the Way. Because I’m a huge fan of Chicken on the Way in Calgary, I took this as a sign to stop for some chicken on my way.

    Following the signs will bring you to a small town called Cluny. Cluny is a sleepy sort of town. Aside from Chicken on the Way, there’s only two liquor stores and a bakery across the street. Chicken on the Way is easy to find, especially since there are few buildings nearby. Just turn left onto 2nd Ave when you see the Canada Post outlet.

    I did not expect it to be busy, but while I was getting my food at Chicken on the Way lots of people went in and out. Cluny is also next to a First Nations reserve, and if they’re like me they will become regulars.

    The outside looks similar to Calgary’s Chicken on the Way, with a big sign in red and yellow, but no giant chicken. Cluny’s Chicken on the Way opened in July 2008, so everything still looks fresh and new.

    The service was excellent. The lone lady working was very friendly and helpful.

    On to the food…get ready for a shock.

    The three-piece meal from this Chicken on the Way tasted better than the food I usually get from the parent location in Calgary. The chicken was nice and juicy and not so salty. The fries were also less salty, and they seemed to be cut thinner, which made them crispier. The corn fritter was great, just like the Calgary ones.

    Last thoughts: Chicken on the Way in Cluny is probably one of the few food places you will come across on this route. The best part: The food is great! Unfortunately, Chicken on the Way (both Calgary and Cluny) has no inside seating. It’s interesting to see a food place like this in Cluny, and I’m definitely game for some more chicken on the way next time I’m passing by.

    Food +++++Chicken on the Way Cluny on Urbanspoon
    Service +++++
    Ambiance ++++
    (out of service on our visit)

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    Posted by James on Oct 15, 2008

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  • Jay Says:

    DELISCIOUS! Would be the way to describe this place. On our way back to Brooks , We heard from word of mouth about the chicken on the way out in Cluny. Hesitant at first, we decided we were hungry enough to give it a try. And wow!!! Best decision we made all day haha. I got the Beef Burger and fries, and my old lady got the 3pc meal with 2 fritters and a gravy, Our son had the Beef stir fry they had on special there and mmmmm.
    It was all just to indescribable for words, We’re Defiantly going to make another trip back there soon. Mike the red seal chef, and his helper Jesse there where very nice, and made us feel comfortable waiting there. I gave it 4 Stars only because of it’s location, just wish it was more closer to home haha. The Bill came around $30, but was totally worth it. !!!

    They also have Pizza’s there, and Pasta’s, such as Spaghetti, Fettuccini, and Lasagne
    –fish (cod) Great Taste. Great Quality.