• Chicken Cottage Canada Ltd.
    #104, 100-2020 Sunridge Way NE (see map)
    Calgary AB  T1Y 7K7
    Phone: 403 250 9804

    The first chicken Cottage in CanadaThis Chicken Cottage is located on Sunridge Way NE in Calgary. At this point in time, it’s tucked out of sight in an area that still needs to be developed. Calgary’s Chicken Cottage is the first one in Canada. It just opened, and I first learned of it from a big advertisement in the local Metro newspaper.

    Chicken Cottage is basically another chicken restaurant, although they also offer fish, veggie and quarter-pounder burgers. If I interpret the signage correctly, then the food is prepared according to Halal standards, which is a nice bonus for Calgary’s Islamic population.

    The ambiance was welcoming and the place was very clean. It wasn’t very busy, but there was a steady stream of customers, indicating that this Halal fast food chain is off to a good start in Calgary.

    I got the Chicken Fillet Burger Meal that comes with fries and a drink. The burger was good, although my bun was cold, as if it just came out of the fridge. The bun was dressed with sauce and a piece of lettuce. The breaded chicken was a bit bland; I couldn’t taste any seasoning. On the plus side, it was not soaked in oil.

    My fries came in a little paper bag, and this gave me more fries than I get at McDonald’s.

    The service was great; the well-trained counter girl described all the menu options and even brought the food to my table.

    The washroom was a pleasant surprise. I daresay it was nicer than my bathroom at home. It was nicely decorated and extremely clean; most restaurants can learn from this.

    Last thoughts: The first Chicken Cottage in Canada is worth a visit. The food is good and seems to be fresher than what you get at most fast food places. The great service and ambiance also score big points with me.

    The next time I’m in the neighborhood for lunch, Chicken Cottage will be high on the list.

    Food ++++Chicken Cottage on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++++

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    Posted by James on Aug 06, 2008

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  • Taha El-Tawil Says:

    Chicken Cottage Calgary is our favourite restaurant. As a muslim, I had a hard time looking for a restaurant that serves Halal Foods. Untill we found Chicken Cottage, or CK as my family nicknamed it. Now we get Halal food that tastes good in a place that has great service and a very clean premise, not to mention the cleanliness of the toilet. The chicken burger is a full chicken breast freshly made, you can never get this at any other fast food chain. Although we wait a little bit on the order but this is because everything is made fresh. The service, and cleanliness of the place made it our prime choice whenever we think of dining out. It is also the place we get our picnic and party orders from.
    Must visit this place, you’ll be pleased.