• Cat ‘n Fiddle Pub
    540 – 16 Ave NW (see map)
    Calgary ABĀ  T2M 0J4
    Phone: 403 289 0414

    Cat ‘n Fiddle Pub is a typical pub on the corner of 16 Ave NW (Highway 1) and 5 St NW in Calgary, Alberta. This pub doesn’t have an Irish or English theme, just a regular pub atmosphere with lots of big TVs hanging around.

    I went there on one of their “cheap wings” nights. I got there around 6 pm. It was not busy so I was expecting to get a nice and quick meal at the Cat ‘n Fiddle. With the weather being gorgeous, I first chose the outdoor patio and was assured the servers would make the rounds there. Ten minutes passed and no servers appeared. I didn’t last long enough to experience fresh-air dining, because I could taste the cigarette smoke from a table several feet away. I finally opted to sit inside, where smoking is prohibited like everywhere else in Calgary.

    Inside, another long wait began. After 20 minutes, a waitress showed up just in time; I had been about to bail. She took my drink order and promised me a menu. My drink took at least five minutes to arrive, even though the staff outnumbered the customers.

    I now had my cola but still no menu. I finally got one in my hands after having to ask three different waitresses. Surprise, surprise. This time, before I could finish looking over the menu, a waitress appeared to take my order. I quickly ordered chicken wings.

    The wings didn’t come quick but they showed up. I didn’t get any napkins and had to ask for them two more times. The wings were okay – not too bad for the price (15 or 20 cents each) – but not as good as you can get at a lot of other places close by.

    The ambiance was also okay. The sitting areas had nice decor, but the furniture looked worn with age. The whole experience felt a bit cheap, especially with video-game consoles standing nearby.

    The washrooms were not too clean, either. Cat ‘n Fiddle had allowed them to be vandalized over time. Why do folks feel the need to write stuff everywhere or, even worse, melt the plastic on the ads? Of course, Cat ‘n Fiddle can’t do much about vandalism, but they can at least keep the washrooms in a condition that customers would dare to use!

    Last thoughts: As you can tell, Cat ‘n Fiddle is not one of the great places to grab a bite in Calgary. You will not see me visiting Cat ‘n Fiddle again, not even if they’ll let me eat for free.

    Cat'n Fiddle Pub on Urbanspoon Food +++
    Service -
    Ambiance ++
    Washrooms ++

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    Posted by James on Jul 10, 2008

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