• Burger King #12848
    800-500 Country Hills Blvd (see map)
    Calgary ABĀ  T3K 4Y7
    Phone: 403 215 1322

    A very late lunch brought me to the Burger King on Country Hills Boulevard on the north side of Calgary. This Burger King is easy to spot from Deerfoot Trail – it’s in the first strip mall on the right.

    It was just after 4 pm on a Thursday, when I was in dire need of food. Burger King is tried-and-true in my books, so I staggered into this one. This Burger King has a play area for kids, which was dark – maybe closed – today. Elsewhere the restaurant was well lit and cheerful. The plastic booths make for a comfortable spot to eat your lunch and perhaps read the paper at the same time.

    I did notice that it was pretty cold inside the Country Hills Burger King, cold enough to make me think about putting on my jacket.

    The ordering did not go smoothly. In the quiet restaurant there were three people behind the counter, who all expected one of the others to help me. In the end nobody gave me a proper greeting and each fetched a different part of my order.

    The upside at this Burger King, like in some other Burger Kings, is the self-serve pop machine, which gives refills to your heart’s content.

    My BK Big Fish Combo was ready quickly, much faster than I’m used to at Burger King. It tasted as it should, with the nice Burger King tartar sauce that I like, and the fries were also done to standard.

    Last thoughts: This Burger King on Country Hills Boulevard should fix the heating, but I would not think twice about a second visit. That said, the staff could be a bit more friendly to make the customer feel more at home.

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    Service ++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms ++++

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    Posted by Carl on Feb 23, 2009


2 Responses

  • GrubGrade Says:

    Flame broiled burgers aren’t enough to keep the place warm. Hehe.

  • jason Says:

    went to the burger king at country hills for the 4th time. we are from bc and stop there because the food is always fresh and hot. the first time,they made us wait for 10 minutes after going through the drive thru.When they brought us our order,they screwed up and gave us 2 regular fries instead of 1 regular and 1 sweet potato fries. The 2nd and 3rd times were good.The 4th time we went through the drive thru and left without checking our order,only to find they screwed up again.They gave us 10 piece nuggets instead of 5 piece strips and we said no ice in the pop,but there was ice! the 2 out of 3 burgers were cold. Every time we go to this burger king it is late at night. It seems to be a big issue for them to get the orders right! The food is hot and great if you eat there or in your car. If you eat and go home it will most likely be cold by then. I would go to this burger king again,bu only to eat there in the restaraunt or in the car. When the food first comes out,its the best burger king i have been to from coast to coast to coast.