• Burger Baron
    414 Mayor Magrath Drive N
    Lethbridge ABĀ  T1J 0A1
    Phone: 403 320 9923

    On a visit to Lethbridge this summer, I wanted some food, but the car navigation unit kept pointing me to places that were closed on Sundays. Finally I came to Burger Baron. On this Sunday, it was particularly busy at Burger Baron. The parking lot was playing host to an auto show, which brought the crowds in.

    Inside, Burger Baron could use some re-decorating. The place looks far from new, but it still draws the crowds. The menu, of course, is all about burgers, which have names like “Royal Burger”. Your order is taken by a friendly elderly gentleman who seems to be the owner. In fact, he probably started the place. This gentleman made me feel welcome and at home, and he had a kind word for everyone who came into Burger Baron.

    After ordering I had to wait for the food to be prepared. Since it was so busy, this took some time, but not more time than was reasonable.

    The food was not too bad but also not the best in the world. The poutine was really disappointing. However, the burger was nice and juicy, with some fresh vegetables and crispy golden fries.

    Last thoughts: Visiting Burger Baron in Lethbridge is certainly a different experience. You can’t compare it to a “normal” fast food place, because the people there care about your food and you’ll notice that. I would go back to Burger Baron instead of any of the chain restaurants in Lethbridge.

    Food +++Burger Baron on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance +++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by James on Nov 04, 2008


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