• Boogie’s Burgers
    A-908 Edmonton Trail NE
    Calgary ABĀ  T2E 3K1
    Phone: 403 230 7070

    Boogie’s Burgers is one of those places in Calgary that serve good fast food without being a chain. Boogie’s dates back to 1969, when it was started by the guy who also started the famed Peter’s Drive-In.

    How do you get to Boogie’s? If you’re coming from Highway 1, just go down (south) on Edmonton Trail. Just after 9th Avenue, you’ll spot Boogie’s on the left in a tiny strip mall. If you’re craving a good burger on a Sunday, then you’re out of luck because they will be closed.

    The ambiance at Boogie’s hints at retro, with a bar and video-game tables. You can play an old-fashioned video game while chowing down. The music was loud but still acceptable to most of us.

    At Boogie’s you build a burger with the add-ons and toppings you love. If you want 4 patties, then go for it, and if you like pineapple or banana peppers, by all means add them.

    So you can get a plain burger (the one I like), or you can make something really special. If inspiration is lacking, you can select one that someone else has built (and named after the creator) before you.

    Don’t feel like meat? You don’t have to miss out – Boogie’s also has a Veggie Patty.

    Aside from burgers, the menu offers hot dogs or chicken sandwiches.

    For the side, choose from Fries, Spicy Fries, Onion Rings, or Yam Fries (which look more like chips).

    And how does everything taste? The burgers are so good that you never want to finish or leave, and the Yam Fries are the perfect side. You will leave Boogie’s with a satisfied feeling that you’ll never get from a fast-food chain.

    Last thoughts: The question is not if I will go back, but when. Cool ambiance, tasty food. The service could be better, but they are busy. Don’t waste your money on fast food from a big chain when Calgary has Boogie’s.

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    Service +++
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    Washrooms +++

    Posted by James on Sep 08, 2009

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