• A&W, Northland Village
    5111 Northland Drive NW
    Calgary ABĀ  T2L 2J8
    Phone: 403 286 9205

    Hungry, but not hungry enough to settle for the overpriced food court in Northland Village Mall, I decided to visit the A&W just outside the Mall (close to Future Shop).

    This A&W restaurant looked very cozy, maybe because it’s the smallest A&W I’ve ever seen. There had to be no more than 8 tables in the tiny dining area.

    This time I went for a Papa Burger meal. Unfortunately, this A&W did not serve my root beer in a nice glass mug, so another paper cup ended up in the garbage.

    I didn’t have to wait long for my food, perhaps because business was slow just then, but it picked up nicely while I was enjoying my burger.

    Food-wise, the Northland A&W did a good job. The Papa Burger tasted good, with two nice meat patties on a fresh bun, dressed with ketchup and mustard. Some folks might be disappointed by the lack of greens on the Papa Burger. Okay, I normally do without the greens, but my burger had only two rings of onion and two small slices of pickle.

    And in my opinion, A&W root beer is the best.

    Last thoughts: This A&W is situated great for shoppers after a visit to the mall, and that’s probably why I would go back. The staff was friendly and efficient, and the food was tasty.

    Food ++++A&W, Northland Village on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms ++

    Posted by James on Oct 29, 2008


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