• A&W, High River
    1103 G 18 St SE
    High River AB  T1V 2A9
    Phone: 403 652 7233

    When you access High River from Highway 2, you can’t miss the A&W across the street from McDonald’s.

    At lunch time this place is kind of packed, but not in a bad way. You still get served pretty quickly, and you’ll have no problem finding a seat to enjoy your meal at this A&W Restaurant.

    Ordering went smoothly, and my order was in my hands in no time. The girl who served me was very friendly and helpful, as the workers should be in any service business.

    The ambiance is typical A&W, with lots of orange and pictures from the good old days.

    The food was standard – good and consistent, as it is in most A&W Restaurants.

    Last thoughts: The A&W in High River is actually pretty good. You walk in for fast food and walk out having had a great meal. I wouldn’t hesitate to stop by again the next time I visit High River.

    Food ++++A&W (High River) on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms +++

    Posted by Phoebe on May 25, 2009


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