• A&W, Castleridge Plaza
    200-5075 Falconridge Blvd NE (see map)
    Calgary ABĀ  T3J 3K9
    Phone: 403 285 9070

    Today lunch brought me to the A&W on the corner of McKnight Boulevard and Falconridge Boulevard NE. It was kind of difficult to get to – I needed to make turns around all kinds of corners to find it.

    I visited this A&W at peak lunch time, but there were no more than four people in the restaurant. I wonder if this had something to do with the accessibility of the place.

    Because it was not busy, my order was taken quickly and also filled not much later. What I like about A&W is the option to get your drink in a nice big A&W glass instead of a plain paper cup that will end up in a landfill. Today I noticed one downside: The glass is kept in the cold, then your cold drink is poured into it. In my case this caused ice to form on the top. It looked weird and made me wonder if something was floating in my drink.

    My chicken sandwich was not tender like I’m used to. Several bites of the chicken felt hard, and that made for a disappointing meal.

    Last thoughts: Would I go back to this A&W in NE Calgary? I guess I could. It would not be near the top of my list, but it was good enough to deserve another chance. The ambiance was not as warm as in some A&W Restaurants, but it still felt clean and fresh.

    Food +++A&W on Urbanspoon
    Service +++

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    Posted by James on Sep 04, 2008


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