• A&W, Chinook Centre
    6455 MacLeod Trail SW
    Calgary AB
    Phone: 403 640 4127

    While shopping at the Chinook Centre Mall in Calgary, we were overcome by hunger and we made a beeline for the A&W in the food court.

    A&W is one of the first food places in the food court. At 5:30 pm on a Thursday it was not busy. We asked for two Mama burgers, one with fries and Coke, and one with onion rings and the famous A&W Root Beer.

    Our food was ready in a pinch, and we settled into a nice table next to the escalator, with a great view of people going up and down.

    The Mama burgers were good, as per usual at A&W Restaurants. The fries were also good and crispy. Unfortunately, the root beer was warm. Even A&W root beer tastes awful when not properly chilled.

    On first sight the onion rings looked pale, and on first bite they looked even paler and tasted uncooked. I took them back. The server insisted that white onions are supposed to look pale, but eventually he offered me a new bag of onion rings. This new batch of onion rings – supposedly cooked for the same length of time – was brown and crispy, as they should have been.

    Last thoughts: Food-court food is never my favorite. Even the fast-food chains seem to slack off at food courts. I give a thumbs-down to this A&W. They replaced my onion rings, but not without an argument and making me feel like I was wrong to complain.

    Food +++A & W (Chinook Centre) on Urbanspoon
    Service ++
    Ambiance ++++

    Posted by Carl on Aug 04, 2009

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