• A&W, Brooks
    616 2nd Street W
    Brooks ABĀ  T1R 0M9
    Phone: 403 362 7272

    Take-out from A&W in Brooks was what we settled on for dinner. Our hotel was just around the corner, and A&W was close enough that our food would hopefully stay nice and hot.

    This A&W was kind of dead at dinner time. Apart from some people enjoying coffee, there was nobody. A shame, because the dining area looked very inviting. The space was filled with cozy booths and tables, and it was probably one of the biggest A&Ws we’ve seen.

    Using coupons, we ordered two Teen Burgers and two fries. We didn’t get asked if we were staying or going, and the counter boy assumed we were eating in. When we said we weren’t, the two counter staff (boys who looked about 15 years old) became flustered and at a loss for what to do. Eventually our order did end up in a paper bag to go.

    Our short drive back to the hotel took only a couple of minutes, but we found that the Teen Burgers were already cold while the fries were still hot. It seems they weren’t heated enough or were left lying too long. It’s hard to say anything good about the food then, because cold burgers don’t taste like much.

    Last thoughts: Re-visiting the A&W in Brooks is not at the top of my list after this experience of cold food.

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    Posted by James on Oct 22, 2008


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