• Applebee’s Calgary
    707-388 Country Hills Blvd
    Calgary ABĀ  T3K 5J6
    Phone: 403 226 6160

    Dinner one night found us at the charmingly named Applebee’s. Although Applebee’s is a very common chain restaurant in the U.S. and Canada, you’ll find only one location in Calgary.

    The ambiance at Applebee’s is sports-dominated, with lots of decorations supporting local teams like the Stampeders and the Flames. One downside is that the place is kind of dark.

    We got there, saw a line-up, and were told to expect a wait of 15-20 minutes. It was exactly that long before we got a table. Our server seemed nice at first, but that false impression soon fell apart. He just didn’t seem to care much. He forgot what we ordered and came back to get it a second time (this also happened to another table). On the bright side the food came quickly.

    I got an order of pork ribs with fries. Let’s start with the fries: they were bad! They were doused in as much salt as a whole family would need for a month. They were half soggy and half hard (hard enough to break your teeth on). Then the ribs: they were coated nicely in BBQ sauce, but on their own they were way too dry. I’ve made ribs only once in my life, and that first try turned out ten times better than these Applebee’s ribs.

    Last thoughts: My experience at chains like Applebee’s and Montana’s has not been good the last couple of months. In this case, Applebee’s is not going to see me back. Go someplace else – there’s no shortage of better places with better prices.

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    Posted by Phoebe on May 21, 2009


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  • jessica Says:

    there’s always a line up here what do you want them to do about it?kick someone out of there seat half way threw there meal so you dont have 2 wait LOL!!A lineup is a good thing that means alot of ppl r comin back p.s i had the ribs n they where better then tony Roma’s