• Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) is a big shot at Globodyne Corporation. He has become Vice-President of Communications, but then things go wrong and Globodyne goes under. Of course, Dick is optimistic and assures his wife Jane (Téa Leoni) that things will be all right and that he will find another job. Unfortunately for him, Globodyne Corporation was such a big employer that everyone from there is looking for a job and Dick can’t find one.

    Dick and Jane’s luck worsens when they start to run out of money. Soon all their belongings have been sold and they can no longer afford their home. The couple embark on an extreme scheme to secure money: by stealing it wherever they can.

    As you might suspect, Fun with Dick and Jane is a great vehicle for Jim Carrey to indulge his comical self. With plenty of jokes and crazy misadventures, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

    Last thoughts: Fun with Dick and Jane is a movie that aims to and will bring you many laughs. It’s not my favorite kind of movie, but if you’re ready for 90 minutes of no-brainer hilarity, then Fun with Dick and Jane easily delivers.

    Genre: Comedy (2005)
    Length: 90 min
    Rating: PG-13
    Story +++
    Cast ++++
    Humor ++++

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    Sky 360 Restaurant & Lounge
    101 9 Ave SW
    Calgary AB  T2P 1J9
    Phone: 403 532 7966

    In Calgary and looking for a restaurant with a view? This is the spot! The Sky 360 Restaurant is situated in the Calgary Tower, just one level below the observation deck. What’s more, the restaurant revolves, so imagine being 525 feet above street level and getting a complete 360-degree bird’s-eye view of Calgary while you eat. The view is incomparable! Sky 360 makes a complete revolution in 45 minutes at lunch time and in 1 hour at dinner time, so you get a full visual tour of the city in the course of your meal.

    So here’s the short recommendation: YES, it is good, and YES, by all means go to Sky 360. Read on if you’d like to find out why.

    You might expect a restaurant at the top of the Calgary Tower to feature an expensive menu. That isn’t exactly true. In fact, Sky 360′s prices are very competitive with the nicer, non-tower dining establishments in town. They are just a smidge above the prices at your average chain restaurant, while obviously having superior ambiance. Adult admission to the top of Calgary Tower is $12.95, but this is waived for a Sky 360 customer who orders an entree. So, you’ve now saved $12.95 and your lunch menu burger is only $16.

    When you first enter the Calgary Tower, go to the desk and ask for the hostess of the Sky 360 Restaurant. She will call up to confirm a free table and then direct you to the elevator. In exchange for getting to go up the tower for free, you must order a lunch or dinner entree, so plan to have more than a coffee.

    When you reach the restaurant, another hostess will escort you to your table. Sky 360 has arranged all the tables to face the 360-degree windows. There is a mix of booths, tables for two, and seating for large groups. As soon as you sit down you’ll feel the restaurant turning. The vertical walls and windows stay in place while the floor moves. Prepare to lose some orientation if you leave your table to visit the washrooms (in the non-revolving center of the tower). When you try to go back, your table won’t be where you thought it was.

    The Sky 360 menu has enough to have something for everyone. The food list is short, so a frequent diner could get bored. I don’t know if and how often the menu changes.

    For lunch, I quickly settled on the Beef Burger. My friend chose the Seafood Bouillabaisse on the advice of our server Geraldo, who did an exquisite job of attending to us.

    The food was not long in arriving. In any case, it doesn’t feel like waiting when you can admire Calgary from the restaurant’s vantage point.

    My burger looked sumptuous: a beef patty with a slice of bacon and aged cheddar on an onion bun. It tasted even better than it looked – it was bursting with juice and flavor. The sauce dripped down my hands every time I took a bite. Besides that teeny flaw, I could have one of these burgers everyday. The fries were the right degree of crispy. The portion size of this meal even exceeded my appetite. The burger was easily more substantial than the typical chain-restaurant burger, leaving little doubt as to which one is the better value for money.

    The Seafood Bouillabaisse was beautifully presented. It was teeming with tasty morsels, including tender salmon, large juicy scallops, shrimp, and mussels. The broth was rich in flavor and texture. The dish came with basil pesto crostini (resting on top, in the photo), a zesty and crunchy accompaniment. Geraldo had made the perfect recommendation. He would get my vote for best server in Calgary.

    After your meal, go up one level to the observation deck. Here you can spend more time taking in the tower view.

    Last thoughts: Having lived more than three years in Calgary, I’m kicking myself for not discovering Sky 360 until now. The food is exceptional, the service superb, and the view second to none. I would love to go for dinner and gaze down on Calgary all lit up at night. I also want to go back for lunch on a clear day to enjoy an aerial view of the mountains. You can be sure I’ll be looking for excuses to visit Sky 360 Restaurant & Lounge again and again.

    Food +++++Sky 360 on Urbanspoon
    Service +++++
    Ambiance +++++
    Washrooms +++

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    Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) is an obsessive-compulsive novelist with an awful temper. In As Good As It Gets, you see how badly he treats his neighbor Simon (Greg Kinnear) and Simon’s little dog.

    Then Simon ends up in the hospital and Melvin’s world is shaken up. Still, being obsessive-compulsive, he can’t go without his daily meal, always served by the same waitress (Helen Hunt).

    Watching Melvin try to adapt and surmount his problems makes for a funny and endearing movie.

    Last thoughts: As Good As It Gets gets to be a very good story, brought to life by a pitch-perfect cast. Make time to see As Good As It Gets, and you’ll see why it got so many Oscar nominations.

    Genre: Romantic Comedy (1997)
    Length: 139 min
    Rating: PG-13
    Story +++++
    Cast ++++
    Humor +++

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    Bumper’s Beef House
    603 Banff Ave
    Banff AB
    Phone: 403 762 2622

    After a day of basking in the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains, the body yearns to wind down with hearty food. We were drawn to try Bumper’s, which claims that “if you haven’t been to Bumper’s, you haven’t been to Banff”.

    Bumper’s is not one of the many restaurants in Banff’s downtown core. It’s a bit more hidden but still easy to find. If you follow Banff Avenue heading out of town, you’ll find Bumper’s on the left, just before you hit the woods. It’s basically the last building in town.

    Bumper’s Beef House has an airy, rustic atmosphere. The inside is furnished in wood, with a huge wooden man in the middle of the restaurant. As you can deduce from the name, Bumper’s serves everything you’d expect from a steakhouse, plus more. Most items on the Bumper’s menu include helping yourself to the all-you-can-eat salad bar. If you don’t want anything else, it’s even worth going just for the salad bar. The salad bar is one of the biggest and best I’ve ever seen. It’s a generous spread of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, legumes, dressings, soups, and fresh-baked dinner rolls.

    For dinner we ordered Pile-O-Bones and Bumper’s Super Burger, and both included the salad bar. It was fairly early (they open at 5 pm) and before the dinner rush, so our food arrived much faster than in the average steakhouse.

    The Pile-O-Bones, which are prime rib bones, were massive. The waitress had warned that they would be “chewy”. They did prove to be a workout for the jaw, but my friend gnawed happily on these flavorful beef ribs.

    I had the Bumper’s Super Burger, touted on the menu as “one of the burger wonders of the world”. It was far from being so! The bread looked black. I normally like bread well toasted, but in this case the bun was simply burnt. The waitress apologized and explained that the toaster was broken. That’s fine, but how did burnt bread escape the cook’s eyes? I was given a new bun, this one barely toasted, but anything was better than blackened. I could tell after digging in that the bread wasn’t fresh to begin with. I also got cheese on my burger after declining cheese when I placed my order. Overall the burger tasted okay but no more.

    Last thoughts: Bumper’s is a nice restaurant in Banff, farther away from the busier tourist hangouts yet still close enough to be a convenient option. Would I go back? Possibly, but if so I’m staying away from their “wonder” burger.

    Food ++Bumpers Beef House on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance ++++
    Washrooms ++++

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  • Elf

    Christmas is that time of year when everyone does their best to be nice to the world. Even the movie folks do their best by releasing feel-good movies with heartwarming messages.

    That was the case with a movie called Elf.

    Elf introduces us to Buddy (Will Ferrell), who is an elf – or so he thinks. Buddy is in fact a human who climbed into Santa’s bag when he was still a baby orphan. Santa let him stay at the North Pole, where he grew up to be a human-sized being trying his best to be an elf.

    One day Buddy finds out the truth. He also learns that though his mother passed away a long time ago, his father is alive and unaware that Buddy was ever born. Buddy’s dad works in the Empire State Building in New York City. Before long Buddy sets off for The Big Apple to meet his dad.

    Buddy begins a long journey on foot from the North Pole to his destination. When he finally arrives at his father’s workplace, Buddy is kicked out of the building because the man won’t believe Buddy is his son.

    Poor Buddy ends up in a department store, where the manager of the Christmas section mistakes him for an employee in elf costume. So Buddy goes to work and becomes infatuated with the beautiful department store elf Jovie (Zooey Deschanel).

    From there more zany events unfold, just as you’d expect with Will Ferrell in the lead.

    Like every good Christmas movie, Elf gets a happy ending.

    Last thoughts: Elf is a delightful movie that’s fun to watch any time of year. Both Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel are perfectly charming, and boy, Zooey Deschanel can really sing! Get this movie ready for viewing this Christmas, because Elf is a must-see holiday film!

    Genre: Comedy (2003)
    97 min
    Story ++++
    Cast ++++
    Humor +++

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    Le Chien Chaud Gourmet Hot Dogs
    #3-2015 4 St SW
    Calgary AB  T2S 1W6
    Phone: 403 229 3641

    After a walk through Calgary’s downtown East Village, our stomachs started to demand food. Having heard of Le Chien Chaud and realizing that it wasn’t much farther, we headed towards Uptown 17th Avenue. Le Chien Chaud is on business-dense 4th Street SW just after 20th Avenue, across from the Petro-Canada gas station.

    The outside of Le Chien Chaud looks like the average storefront and doesn’t stand out much. The inside, however, is a different story. The tiny space is decorated in retro style, with a black-and-white checkered floor, red walls, and chrome furniture. There’s even an old-fashioned street lamp and a little red cart of condiments and toppings. Across from these is a wall paying homage to the almighty hot dog. We spotted The Mona Lisa clutching a hot-dog bun, an Oscar Meyer wiener ad, and a toddler’s hot-dog costume.

    Le Chien Chaud just barely fits in 6 tables, each seating 4 or less. We had to wait for a table on this busy Saturday afternoon.

    There’s an extensive menu of gourmet hot dogs: Breakfast Dog (available all day), Canadian Dog, Chicago Dog, Chilean Completo Dog, Coney Island Dog, French Dog, German Dog, Italian Dog, Kids Dog (12 and under), Mediterranean Dog, Mexican Dog, San Antonio Black Bean Chili Dog, and Ukrainian Dog.

    At the counter, you order any of the above with your choice of wiener: the signature blend Pork/Beef, All-Beef, Vegetarian, Buffalo, or Pork Bratwurst. These range in price from $5.45 to $6.50.

    Then you grab a table and wait until they call your order. The hot dogs are served on checkered wax paper in a red plastic basket. The wieners themselves are hefty, about 1 inch thick and more than half a foot long.

    I had the Italian Dog with All-Beef wiener. The Italian comes with garlic butter, bruschetta, sharp asiago cheese, and sweet fresh basil. When it arrived the bread was soaking. My first bite was a bad surprise – I hadn’t expected the toppings to be cold. The cheese was almost frozen! This combined badly with the all-beef wiener, which was piping hot and extremely greasy. I can’t remember biting into a greasier hot dog in my life. The bun was not fresh and – with a wet bottom – really disappointed the bread lover in me.

    My friend had the Mediterranean Dog with Buffalo wiener. The Mediterranean comes with roasted red pepper hummous, artichoke hearts, tangy olives, herbed feta cheese and fresh parsley. The wiener is made from free-roaming buffalo. Though indistinguishable in taste from the all-beef wiener, it was much leaner. The toppings were also cold and the combination lackluster.

    The lone bathroom continues the wiener obsession with hot dog quotes and trivia (and has a sensor-activated trash can).

    Last thoughts: I was really curious to try Le Chien Chaud, but I left unimpressed. Their array of “gourmet” hot dogs sounds intriguing at first, but the actual creations are nothing special. I had a much more memorable experience at Tubby Dog (also in Calgary’s Uptown district). Tubby Dog’s hot dog creations cost a bit more but were a real treat to eat. Despite the nice atmosphere at Le Chien Chaud, I have no desire to go back for the food.

    Food +++Le Chien Chaud on Urbanspoon
    Service +++
    Ambiance +++++
    Washrooms +++++

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