• 1886 Buffalo Cafe
    187 Barclay Parade SW
    Calgary ABĀ  T2P 4R3
    Phone: 403 269 9255

    Finding the 1886 Buffalo Cafe is easier than you think. It’s the old-fashioned white wooden building right next to Eau Claire Market.

    We went to 1886 Buffalo Cafe for breakfast on a sunny Saturday. To my surprise, there was no line-up outside, like I’m used to seeing when going for weekend brunch. I guess we snagged the last free table, because after us there was a constant queue of about two tables.

    Ambiance is something the 1886 Buffalo Cafe has in spades. The building, built in 1911, was part of the Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Company, and that’s evident in the decor. The walls are filled with old photographs and even some buffalo heads. More photos of heritage days greet you in the downstairs washrooms. The building takes you back to the days of pioneers and settlers.

    Because of the building’s shape, tables in the restaurant are split into two rooms. So despite the close packing of tables, you get enough privacy to enjoy your food.

    The serving staff are friendly but extremely busy with all the customers they must tend to.

    The menu is small but offers enough variety. You’ll find some dishes that sound interesting and inject inspiration into standard fare.

    The wait for the food gave us just enough time to enjoy the setting and relax.

    I got a regular omelet while my friend went for a chili omelet. I could not resist ordering hash browns with mine, but after seeing the portions it was probably not the best idea.

    Yes, the portions were big and each dish came with toast, so if you can, walk your way to 1886 Buffalo Cafe to work up an appetite.

    The food tasted excellent.

    Coffee drinkers will be in luck. The coffee was good and refilled several times.

    Last thoughts: 1886 Buffalo Cafe is a food establishment with a story of its own. Everyone must go there at least once. I look forward to going back, and I also hope they change up the limited menu once in a while.

    Food ++++1886 Buffalo Cafe on Urbanspoon
    Service ++++
    Ambiance +++++
    Washrooms ++++

    Posted by James on Aug 07, 2009

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